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Contract Development

ASKION is your go to place for contract development of complex systems. Whether you have a new technology in mind, a redesign of an existing device or are in need of design to manufacture for your development. We join quality with efficency.

Systems Engineering

  • Integration of optical, mechanical, electronical and software components into the system
  • Project management
  • Making of breadboard models and prototypes
  • Transition to series production incl. generation of documents
  • Certifications


  • Optical design using ZEMAX software
  • Design and optimization of optical assemblies
  • Tests in a modern optics laboratory
  • Calculation of optics for the formation of beams, lighting with laser and LED, as well as fiber-optic assemblies

Mechanical Design

  • Design by means of SolidWorks
  • Structural analysis by using the Finite-Element-Method (FEM)
  • Thermo-mechanical simulation (heat transfer, convection and radiation)

Electronics Design

  • Design of electric circuits and of printed circuit boards (Altium Designer)
  • Optimization of existing electronic assemblies
  • EMC pretest and analysis
  • ESD tests


  • Development of application software (Visual Studio)
  • Development of database (MySQL and MS SQL Server)
  • Programmable logic controller/PLC (Beckhoff TwinCAT)
  • Development of microcontrollers (NXP)
  • Embedded Linux (Qt, GNU toolchain)
  • Programming of digital signal processors (DSP)