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Projects and user stories

ASKION represents more than 15 years of excellence in development and manufacturing of complex systems, as well as demanding and satisfied customers.

See a brief selection of reference projects on this page. Do you have detailed questions or an inquiry – Please feel free to contact us!

Medical Devices - Projects and References

Laser devices for dermatology and skin cosmetic applications

System for diagnosis support of skin cancer in dermatology

Heads-up display for laser applications in ophthalmology

Bioanalytic and Diagnostic Devices - Projects and References

Laser-PCR-device for ultrafast detection, with three fluorescence channels

Device for real-time liver function tests with spectroscopic analysis

Fluorescence camera for real-time visualization of an injected dye in the body

Optical Modules and Subsystems - Projects and References

Fluorescence camera for real-time PCR for molecular diagnostics

Fiber-optic LD module applicable in stomatology

Fluoreszenz-Module ohne dichroitischen Strahlteiler zur quantitativen Detektion

Quantitative fluorescence measurement with dichroic beam splitter

VIS- and NIR-Light sources for in situ measurements in semiconductor manufacturing

Adjustment device for laser diode modules